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How to Choose a Weed Dispensary

If you are ready to partake in the herb, you need to visit a dispensary to make a purchase. There’s a ton of them in the area so you won’t endure any trouble when it is time to find a dispensary to make your purchase. However, not all of the area dispensaries are created the same. If you want to buy your cannabis from the very best fort collins dispensary, take the time to research the options before you head out to buy. It’s not hard to sort through the dispensaries to find a worthwhile provider.

best fort collins dispensaryTHC or CBD products

When choosing a dispensary, some of the important information to keep in mind includes:


You want to shop with a dispensary that has a nice selection of strains and products available. It is nice to be swept away by all of the options that you have and it will help you know where to shop at the next time you want to buy weed. Do you want THC or CBD products? Many people choose a combination, so look for a dispensary that offers both. You want to shop where the selection of strains is enormous, where you can find edibles, drinks, lotions, and other items, too. Do not settle for less.

Recreational or Medical?

Both recreational and medical dispensaries are available to shop at in the area but both options may not be available for your needs. To shop at a medical dispensary, you need a Red Card, however. You must have a qualifying medical condition to obtain a red card and there is a process that you must complete to get this card. It can take a matter of weeks to get a red card in Colorado. Most people shop at the recreational dispensaries, though prices are a bit more expensive. Make sure you choose the appropriate type of dispensary.

Customer Service

The employees (oftentimes referred to as budtenders) at the dispensary should be knowledgeable of the products they sell as well as the marijuana strains and their benefits. They should be friendly and professional as well. Do not settle for less when you need a dispensary because there are far too many providers to get less than superb service.


No two dispensaries price their marijuana the same so it is important to compare prices with a few providers to get the best costs for the items that you want to buy. Keep in mind the state taxes that you pay every time you make a marijuana purchase at the local dispensary as well. The costs of marijuana can be expensive at some of the dispensaries so it is essential that the time to compare is taken.

Incentives & Deals

Many dispensaries offer clubs that you can join to get free product when you accumulate enough points. Some offer coupons and other promotions that minimize the costs of your bud as well. Look for dispensaries with these deals when making your choice. These ones are a lot of fun and save a tremendous amount of money on everyone’s favorite product!